Thursday, March 17, 2005

Image fun

I've been using Hello for putting photos up, but was finding it annoying to use, a bit clunky. So I followed Harvey's advice (has lots of good ideas for newbie bloggers), and got into ImageShack. It's free, and easy to use. Then I found that my pictures from our digital camera were way too big, a bit over 2mb, and ImageShack only lets you go up to 1024KB. So, how to compress? After consulting with Harvey again (thanks mate!), and using good old Google, found a good site on how to compress images if you use IrfanView.
So, here you have it, my first ImageShack image, the first in my series "Amanda bores you with tales of her vege and herb garden".

Lemons take a long time to grow, months and months I tell you. Our lemon tree used to be in a pot, but now we've settled into our new home, he got planted out in the garden where we have a fledgling vege and herb garden. To see the big picture, just click on the piccy below


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