Thursday, September 15, 2005

sister madly waking up the dead ...

Hubby is out to dinner with a work colleague tonight, leaving little old me at home alone. Alone of course except for the dog-a-logs Benny and Billy, but its hard to count them sometimes as you can't really converse with a snoring Cavalier!

So I'm indulging in a little me time tonight, doing what pleases me. Yes, there is housework to do, especially as we are having friends over on the weekend. To assuage some guilt there, I've stacked the dishwasher, and will turn it on later.

Tonight I've gone through and read through some of my favourite blogs, only commenting on one, as I couldn't think of anything to add to others. I was happy to see that Caltechgirl still likes Survivor, and will be watching the upcoming series. Alas, with the time difference she sees it first, so I have to be careful to look out for spoilers.

After doing that had a soak in a nice hot bath, whilst listening to one of my favourite CDs of all time, Temple of Low Men by Crowded House. The title of this entry is one of their more obscure lines. At the moment the last song is playing, and it is the best on the CD, "Better be home soon". I must have listened to these songs a zillion times. Whenever I hear that last song though, it takes me back to when I worked at the cinemas.

The song was in the soundtrack to a movie I doubt did well in the States, but did quite well here, called The Sum of Us. It's a very Australian movie in that it shows a lot of shots of Sydney Harbour for no real discernible reason other than it is very pretty. Russell Crowe plays a gay guy, who lives with his Dad. Who has a stroke. And this is a comedy .... it's better than it sounds truly. Anyways, Better be home soon is on the soundtrack to the movie, and is the last song to play. I remember standing in the back of the theatre, waiting for it to end so I could clean, and being absolutely blown away by the sound quality of the song. In most part this was due to having heard the song before on car cd players or portable cd players. But it is such a beautiful song and to hear it coming out of top class speakers was just amazing. Neil Finn's voice just struck a chord in me, I could have listened to it over and over again. Which as the movie showed a few times a day, I did.

Funny how little things like that stick in your memories ...


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