Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas blues

Ok, so I know Christmas is the time of cheer and goodness.

Does anybody else get stressed on Christmas Day and the holidays, or is that just me?

I'm a stressy person to begin with, but this Christmas time took the cake (not literally as I don't like Christmas Cake, or pudding for that matter!)

I don't even really know what it is that stresses me, but it seems like too much pressure put into one day.

I worry that I don't give enough, I worry that I don't say enough, I worry that I don't enjoy the day the way I'm supposed to.

Today is the first day since I've been off work (which leading up to the break was stressful enough to put my heart into irrhythmia, if that's how it is spelt) that I've been able to relax a bit, maybe I'm just putting too much pressure on myself ...

So to my friends out there, that see me in real life, I'm sorry if I seemed a bit cold when I saw you last, I was happy to see you, but just trying to hold myself together.

And to my friends online, I'm sorry that I haven't written much lately, but know that you are in my thoughts, and that I care about you all. If it was possible to transport myself, I'd give you all a big hug, and bring you some of my triple choc cookies.