Friday, May 05, 2006


The original unaltered Star Wars trilogy is going to be released on DVD.

About bloody time!

The additions that were added on were truly horrendous. Greedo shooting at Han first, dodgy looking Jabba the Hut near the Millenium Falcoln, Hayden Christensen superimposed onto Anakin at the end of Jedi.

Only in 2.0 for sound, but will certainly get it, wish George Lucas had done this in the first place .... oh, but that's right, if he had done that, he wouldn't have got another squillion dollars.

Yes, I'm back again

Yes, I know I've been horribly slack, not writing and everything. I can assure you nothing too exciting has been going on in Aussie wife land, which partly explains why no entries.

Also, being addicted playing World of Warcraft hasn't helped either! :) I can stop anytime I like, honest .... I'll just do one more quest ....


I'm back working in the office, no more working from home. They moved the team back to the original location as it wasn't working out for anyone. Huge waste of time and money that was! I'm enjoying having people about to talk to, the dogs at home sure don't converse much.

Hubby had his birthday last weekend, much spoiling went on. Made him lasagne and apple pie for his birthday dinner, must post the pie recipe for this week's carnival.

My birthday this weekend, so expecting spoiling in return! Having a few friends over on Sunday to celebrate so that should be good.

Going to the gym 3 or 4 times a week at the moment, getting fitter and leaner. Keep losing off my chest rather than my waist, which is not my preference, but will keep at it.

Enjoyed watching the finale of "The Biggest Loser", so glad Harry didn't win. Totally stupid that he was allowed to come back into the competition. I had hoped that Kristy would win, but good on Adro, he looked amazing! And I can't believe Wal lost like 66 kilos, that is huge (pun intended!) :)

Anyways guys, will try to post more regularly, if any of you are out there still ...