Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Working from home

Since my team was moved to a far off location, I've been working from home. Now, when I was in an office location, working from home seemed to me like it would be a dream situation. Work in your pyjamas all day, nobody hassling you, get up out of bed a minute before starting work.

And it is good for those reasons. But ... I am not liking working from home. I didn't count on how isolated I'd feel, how lonely I'd get.

Plus, I'm not the most motivated person in the world, I am finding it hard to actually sit down and do the work. Every time a car goes past in the street, I'm tempted to look. If someone actually stops, then gosh, I just have to see if they are doing anything interesting. Not to mention the plants that need watering, clothes that need washing ... you get the picture

Today, it is a bit after 12, and I can honestly say I've done almost nothing. Taken a couple of calls, read a couple of emails, that's about it. Mind you, I have caught up on all my blog reading, and now I'm actually writing a blog entry. Ok, not work, but something I've been meaning to do.
Alright, really must knuckle down now and do some work ...


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