Thursday, March 02, 2006

Amazing Race 9

Woo Hoo! The Amazing Race is back on tonight. One of my all time favourite shows.

The last season we had was 7 I believe, the one where Rob and Amber felt hard done by (sob sob ... NOT!). We've skipped the next one which apparently was families traveling only in America and was supposed to be absolute crapsville. Although as I never saw it, who can say.

I'm sure we'll have the obligatory couples that they have each season:

  • The gay couple (never actually called this, usually referred to as "life long friends")
  • The seperated couple who for some reason think this game will help them get back together
  • The mother/child couple (usually outta there by round 2 or 3)
  • The models
  • The best friends
  • The whingy old people who always last longer than you think they will
Oh yes, it will be good. Imagine having Phil's job, flying from place to place, explaining each week what a detour and a road block is, gotta be tough!


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