Tuesday, June 13, 2006

What day is it?

Back to work today after a long weekend (Queen's birthday). Long weekends never fails to throw my sense of what day it is, yesterday just felt like another Sunday, today feels like Monday, except we get to watch Survivor tonight (yes, we are behind the US showing this, don't get me started ... and please don't tell me who ends up winning!)

At the moment there are four left, Terry, Cirie, Aras and Danielle. It was priceless to see Shane's face last week when he got voted off, he sure didn't see that coming! I love how everyone is all "I've got your back, it'll just be us in the final two", while meanwhile conniving and planning sneakily at the same time.

It will be a bit sad when it ends though, Amazing Race finished for us last week, night time viewing is getting a bit slim. We still have House going, so that's good. And hopefully they'll put The Apprentice back on at some stage ...


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