Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Doggie woes

A month or so ago we took our dogs to get groomed at our local vets. We'd been going to this vets for a while, and seeing as we had never been happy with other groomers we'd tried, thought we'd give them a go. We figured that they'd be more professional as the vets were endorsing their services.

We were wrong.

Our dogs are quite hairy being Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, and my husband told them that we just wanted them trimmed, not shorn, as they look ridiculous with their little bandy legs if there is not much hair on them.

Went to pick them up, and the groomers in their wisdom decided to shave their coat on their back and sides to about 3mm. Hanging down on either side of their stomaches, they had left about 4 cm of hair, in a kind of fringe. grrr

Legs - shorn
Ears - a bit of hair left on them
Tail - no discernible difference

I didn't say anything when I picked them up, as I figured it wasn't like they could stick the hair back on!

Later that night, Benny, our older dog, jumped up onto my lap, but gave a bit of a yelp doing it. Now this is not the bravest or smartest dogs, sometimes he just overextends himself, is a bit of a dope. So, I didn't take too much notice. Until that is, my hand came across a matted area on his stomach. We turned him over, and noticed that there was a gash just under one of his legs. Looks like the groomer nicked him quite badly. Now there is no way they could have missed this, as he would have made an almighty noise when it happened. What pisses me off, is that they didn't tell us about it.

We'd had other issues with this vet when Ben had kidney stones, competent enough, but really bad communication skills.

This sealed the deal, we are not going back there.

Oh, and one other little legacy they left us. Billy's (our number 2 dog) nose started getting all scabby and yuck, so we took him to our new vet, which a colleague of mine referred us to. Looks like he has ringworm. Apparently the most common way of getting this is from a cat. The only time Billy would have been near a cat is at the vets ... when he was being groomed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I MADE it..can you believe it???

So sorry to hear about b 1 and 2...give them a cuddle from Auntie kaz ( i am always kaz online)
and feel free to give the groomer a smack on the head from me.
I am putting your site in my faves so i will check more often..pwomise

Give my love to all the B's and yourself,of course...

btw movies i have seen

hitch - funny but very American - B

Constantine - good noir/supernatural/religious themes - A (anything with Keanu gets an instant A heh )

Closer - cold as ice/no intimacy/off Jude Law now - C

The Aviator - interested in the Howard Hughes story,Cat B FABULOUS - B

Million Dollar Baby - excellent - sobbed - A


10:51 am  
Blogger Amanda said...

Hi Kaz,

Thanks for dropping by, good to have you on board!
b1 and b2 have been given their hugs, will make sure I give b3 a hug too ;)

Thanks for the movie reviews, I am hopelessly behind on my movie watching. I agree on Closer though, I used to think Jude Law was pretty good, but not in that movie. I thought Natalie Portman was the only one to do a decent job.
Thanks for the heads up on Million Dollar Baby, will remember to take tissues.

What was that movie we saw, and both of us forgot tissues, so we had to use the cinema's napkins? :)

4:10 pm  
Anonymous DaFFy said...

OMG! How could they do that? Did you ring them or go back and complain? I sure as hell would. Poor little babies - I hope they are OK now.

12:33 am  
Blogger Caltechgirl said...

Give them hugs and kisses from me too.

I feel your pain. The princess has had a couple of bad experiences, but those had to do with the kennel rather than the vet. Too bad I can't pack up our wonderful groomer and send her to you. She is the best, and bet she'd love a trip down under :)

Call around to other groomers/vets and see if any will give you the numbers of customers who have agreed to be references so you can ask their opinion before you choose a new one. Most good ones will. Definitely give them a nasty call and let them know EXACTLY why you are not coming back.
Poor guys.

8:53 am  
Blogger Amanda said...

We were going to call them back, but now time has passed, and I don't really want the confrontation, quite frankly. I prefer the silent revenge, taking our business elsewhere, and warning others not to go there.

1:51 pm  

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