Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Boot Camp

Well, I've finally decided to take my exercise regime up a level. For quite some time I've been unhappy about my weight, and over the last few weeks have increased my exercise, and a more healthy diet. What I've learned ... weight does not come off as fast as you want it to, if at all. Now I know that it is a long term process, but I found something the other day that sounds promising, so I decided to do it.

Boot Camp.

What's boot camp? Well the gym I go to runs group fitness sessions 3 times a week, in the wee early hours of the morning.
Their definition of boot camp?

"You have chosen a serious but FUN program that is designed to challenge you to achieve your own serious results" (emphasis theirs). Serious results people, not just namby pamby, frivolous results.

What sort of things will we be doing?

"The instructors will select activities including running, jumping, carrying and callisthenics that will push you beyond your comfort zone to itensity where you will feel you are achieving true results"

... wondering if this will be like Survivor challenges ... hmmm.. probably harder I'm thinking.

Am I daunted? Plenty. Am I determined, you betcha.

I'm not real sure what to expect, friends tell me I'll be yelled at by the instructors. eg "YOU'VE GOT NOTHING, MOVE IT, MOVE IT."

We'll see.

Two things which made me a tad apprehensive. Personal trainer who I've had a session with before, her take when I said I was doing it: "Ooh, good luck, I don't envy you"

And the signature of the Enlistment Officer for boot camp, which had two little sayings:

"NEVER NEVER GIVE UP" (fair enough, would expect that)
'pain is weakness leaving the body' (WTF??)

So, first day is next Tuesday, if I don't post it will be because I can't lift my arms high enough to tap on the keys ...


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