Friday, March 03, 2006

Lileks on Firefly

Lileks has been giving reviews of Firefly over the last couple of days, todays is a classic.

"Jayne: the shaved wookie. Great character. Loose cog, stupidly brave, loyal except-not-maybe, and pee-in-his-drawers scared of Reivers. Can be drawn using only rectangles."

When watching Firefly I change my mind every two seconds which is my favourite character (hubby will confirm this), but I must say that Jayne is most of the time my fave. Best episode for him is Jaynetown, where he is a hero, complete with song and statue.

Very sad that there won't be a second season, also have to say not such a fan of the movie Serenity as Josh Whedon felt the need to kill off some main characters, wondering if this just cemented the fact into the ground that he couldn't really do another season now even if he wanted to.


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