Thursday, January 27, 2005

Australia Day

Aussie Aussie Aussie oi! oi! oi!

Yes, I know Australia Day was yesterday, but I am still feeling patriotic, so thought I'd write about it today.
Yesterday was a bit of a scorcher outside, so spent most of it inside with the air con on. Wussy?...yes... Comfortable?... yes! :)
Started the day cooking as the inlaws were coming over for brunch to celebrate mother in laws upcoming birthday. Being Australia Day, had to go the prawns, seemed like a good idea at the time I bought them. Not such a good idea yesterday morning, when I was deheading, shelling and deveining 24 prawns. Still, they turned out yummy, and I don't mind cooking, so it was all good.
Oh yeah, and I also made an apricot slice for the first time, and it turned out quite nice, *phew*. Was feeling daring so *everything* I made for the brunch was being tried for the first time (well, except for the cups of tea, I've made them before!... oh hang on, hubby made those!)

After they left hubby and I put our feet up on the lounge and watched the tennis. Poor Alicia lost, but wow, what a match, nailbiting stuff!
Note to self: yelling "Come Ooooon" ala Lleyton Hewitt at the TV not very affective.

After that, watched the second half of Starship Troopers on TV, good movie that. For the main characters they used models, except for one guy, who was the guy that played Doogie Howser in that TV show. He's better looking now he's an adult, his huge head doesn't seem that huge anymore, the rest of his body musta done some growing.

For dinner, had a BBQ, just the hubby and me, very nice indeed. Sausages, onions, leftover rice salad from brunch, I was in seventh heaven.

Back at work today.. ho hum.


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