Monday, January 17, 2005

Sun, sand, and surf

Yesterday, I made my first trip to the beach for the Summer.

We'd planned all week to go, as Sydney has been having some hot weather. So, of course, Sunday morning I wake to the sound of thunder, and rain is pouring down! Fortunately it cleared, and after having bacon and egg rolls for breakfast (cooked on the BBQ, yuuummm), we were off. An hour later, we'd arrived and parked. Normally it would take about 45-50 minutes, but there was a bit of traffic when we got to the northern beaches, and it took a while to get a park.

There are heaps of beaches to the north of Sydney, normally we go to one called Whale Beach, but this time we decided to go to Bilgola Beach. Quite a nice beach, but there was quite a rip in the ocean, as such the flags we could swim between were quite close together. Spent half my time walking against the current, trying to get back between the flags!

Hubby and I prefer different things at the beach. Him, big waves, me, not so much. I am not as strong a swimmer as him, and tend to get dumped by big waves. We took our boogie boards, and I did manage to catch a wave or two, then a big wave came through. I managed to catch it at first, then it picked me up and dumped me down below, ouch!
Got a little sunburnt, but not too bad, made sure I had the sunscreen with me. Have had some shocking burns in the past :(

After swimming/drowning for a bit the clouds rolled in again, plus a gusty wind. So we packed up, and hightailed it out of there to go to a friends place for lunch and swim in their pool. Very nice, good company, good food, good swim. Sunday is my favourite day of the week, the pace is a bit slower, and it is a good day to kick back and relax.
After lunch we headed off, and stopped off at other friends for afternoon tea. Also a very nice time, it is good to spend time with friends.
Once home did some chores, then watched The Bourne Supremacy on DVD. Well, rather hubby watched it, I watched most of it, then slept through the last half hour!
And that was my Sunday :)


Blogger DaFFy said...

Now THAT sounds like the perfect Sunday. Absolutely ideal. Glad you had a wonderful day :)

10:27 pm  
Blogger Jan said...

Ah twenty below zero (F) here in Minnesota (USA). The beach sounds lovely. : ) Capture some warmth for me today.

1:02 am  
Blogger Gretchen said...

It sounds absolutely delightful. I love the phrase "after swimming/drowning for a bit." I have gotten knocked over and turned upside down and completely disoriented and terrified so many times that I have a VERY healthy respect for the ocean.

2:33 am  
Blogger Amanda said...

Well jeb, I would capture some warmth for you, but after Sunday we've had a cold snap. Not 20 below, but still quite chilly for Summer. Hey, did you steal some of our warmth?.. hmmmm?

Yes people it was a good day, sucked to go back to work yesterday, but gotta pay the bills somehow, they unfortunately don't pay themselves! ;)

6:21 am  

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