Friday, December 03, 2004

Babies, babies, everywhere

Well, it is officially a babyfest in my life at the moment. Nooo, I'm not pregnant, nor have I given birth recently, but it feels like ALL the other women in my life are. Except Mum, oh, and Grandma....anyway, moving on.
One of my good friends gave birth on Wednesday to a handsome healthy baby boy. Hooray! Congratulations guys! The young man's name is Jason, welcome to the world Jason, nice to meet you. :)
We went to visit them at the hospital last night, very nice visit. He has the finest hair, and his father's chin (much to his parents dismay!). He slept through the entire visit, so we now think of him as the best baby in the world, no screaming so far! Hubby b and I both got to have a hold, hubby looked very natural and nice holding the bub, inspiring speculating looks from everyone. I was looking around, notice these looks....hey everyone, I have to be involved here too, don't get too many ideas!
Not that I am against having children. Definitely not. It's just such a huge daunting step to take. Firstly, the pregnancy does NOT look like fun. Morning sickness, discomfort, giving up the finer enjoyments of life (alcohol, soft cheeses, caffeine etc). And what is it with the total stranger or distant acquaintnce touching the stomach. My sister in law was at a friends place when she was about three months pregnant, her friend's Mum yanked up her shirt (in front of a bunch of people), and said "So, are you showing yet, let's see!" W.T.F ???
Then there is the actual labor.... hmmm.. didn't help when the recent father told me HE cried during the labor because his wife was in so much agonising pain and he felt helpless..... hmmm... sign me up for that, sounds GREAT!
All this I feel I could do, (I'm not a total wuss...really, I'm not!) but then you have a baby to look after ALL the time. I just can't get over how much they take over. I mean, it is fair enough that they do, I don't expect them to be able to make their own sandwiches, and program the video at 1 month old!, but sheesh, 24 hours a day, every day!
I am sure that it is worth it, but I don't know if I am ready to change my life completely, have the usual fears that I may not be good at it, I really want to do a good job of it.
However, I know if I don't, I'll regret it, I will feel that I have missed out on a large piece of life.
Oh, and if my hubby's genes predominate (fingers crossed!), then we would have VERY good looking smart children, so that's nice.


Blogger DaFFy said...

Oh you are so right about the stomach thing! I hated when I was pregnant, that everyone seemed to think they had 'stomach touching' rights. People I didn't really know very well. Ewwww, it makes me feel creepy now! Stay outta the personal space people - and duh! that includes my BODY!
I also think, when you don't have children yet, you tend to hear more horror stories than good stories. As if people feel their duty is to scare the crap out of you before you procreate. I LOVED being pregnant. Sure, labour hurt, but it wasb't for long, and look what you get at the end.
Anyways, you'll know when you are ready :) Meanwhile, enjoy practising!!

9:00 am  
Blogger Jeff said...

Kids aren't that bad and the labor is nothing if you get a section. My wife went from our car to delivering the twins in about 2 hours. Of course they were sectioned because they were both laying horizontal. Go with the section. You get to stay in the hospital longer and it's much easier on Mommy.

The 24 hour a day thing is no big deal when your little munchkin looks up at you and smiles for the first time.

2:27 am  
Blogger Caltechgirl said...

I think you're reading my mind today. I'm in the same situation. Everyone I know is having a baby and I don't want to (at least not now). It's like a virus or something....

3:38 pm  
Blogger Mellie Helen said...

Where are you? Are you coming back? Hell-loooo-ooooo?
*crickets chirping*
Hope you are well and come back soon!
- M.H.

6:56 pm  
Blogger Jay said...

I love babies, but I never want to take one home. I like the kind you can admire at someone else's house, and then go home, where things are quiet and clean. Ahhh.
Today I was at a birthday party for a 3 year old, and there was a whole myriad of babies there, and my mom was getting all wistful...I think she would have another baby now if she could, seeing how the grandchild thing is not really working out for her. Of course this horrifies me...but stranger things have happened.
Wait until you're ready...when you're not, pregnancy and motherhood can seem like a chore, but if the time comes when you really want a kid, then all the crap you go through just somehow seems worth it.

11:51 pm  
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