Monday, November 15, 2004

Movie Review - Collateral

Saw Collateral late last week. Not as good as I thought it would be, but not a bad movie. I've read reviews about how they made Tom Cruise's hair grey so he would look older. He didn't look any older, he looked just the same, but with grey hair. Sometimes he had a freakish resemblance to Richard Gere, which didn't win me over. Sooo not a fan of Richard Gere.
Jamie Foxx was good in it, it's the first movie of his I've seen, and I thought he did a good job. I cared about what happened to his character, whereas Tom's character was just bland. Likewise for Jada Pinkett Smith, she didn't get to do much.
Usually I like all Tom Cruise movies, but this one it was like he didn't want to be there, didn't show much of a range of moods, tried but failed to look menacing.
Ah well, we got in on discount tickets, and it was fun to go to the movies, we don't go often enough.


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