Monday, January 10, 2005


My resolutions for the year:

Eat, drink, and be merry.. oh hang on, that's not it...
ah yes, now I remember... eat better food, drink less alcohol, exercise more, and spend less money.
I actually decided this stuff at the new year, but well, umm.. hadn't quite got around to starting. So yesterday was the start. Lots of salads so far for me, along with OJ, green tea, and water. We are having a BBQ tonight, but I promise to eat more salad than meat. And no wine. *sob*
Actually I feel good about doing a bit of a detox for a while, have been feeling a bit run down, want to get back on an even keel.
Today at lunch went for a walk/run. Pretty out of shape, so can't make it all run yet, but I'll get there. It is a beautiful day today (besides the fact that I had to start work at 5.30, meaning I was out of bed at 4.30, but that is another story!).
The sun was shining, but some clouds about so not too hot. The sky was so blue, amazing how blue the sky can get in the middle of Summer. My walk/run took me through one of our national forests, and the sun was filtering down, striking the green leaves, making them look iridescent. I feel more at peace in that sort of environment. Not surprising really, as work is mostly beige in colour, beige monitor, beige desk, beige phone, you get the idea. I am a sucker for bright colours in the outdoors, love flowers etc

Other things that I wish to accomplish this year:
I would like to learn the piano. I now have a piano as Mum and Dad didn't want theirs anymore. Score!
I would like to plant out my vege garden. Gardening is a relatively new hobby of mine, I have had a couple of citrus trees for a while, they are not dead yet, so will now branch (hehe) into other areas, eg carrots, capsicums, shallots etc. All the better to go with my other hobby, namely cooking!

So, all you reader(s) out there, what, if any, goals/resolutions do you have this year?


Blogger DaFFy said...

My basic goal, is to actually get off my butt, thereby hopefully losing some weight. However I have this chronical medical condition..extremus laziness :)

And eeeek! Hope you didn't run today in 37C heat!

11:32 pm  
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