Tuesday, February 01, 2005

A square or a globe?

Ok, it's meme time.

Last night hubby and I were watching The Great Outdoors, when one of the presenters had to utter a phrase that is guaranteed to raise my hackles and throw things at the TV.

"All four corners of the globe"

Think about that.... when you picture a globe, do you SEE any pointy bits, huh? Globes by their very nature don't HAVE corners, we are not living on a square here people!
Anyway, so if you can join the movement and remove this particular phrase from your usage, I'll feel a lot better.
I think I better sit down and have a cup of tea now.


Blogger Gretchen said...

Are you feeling better? Mutilations of language can be quite disturbing. :)

8:09 am  

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