Monday, October 10, 2005

Boot Camp update

Today was the start of the second of four weeks for Boot Camp. All in all, it is quite good. They really do push you to work out harder than you'd normally do. I'm about middle of the pack fitness wise, which is fine by me. I've been going ok, except for a *slight* mishap last Wednesday.

Wednesday was the second time I'd been to Boot Camp. We'd done our warmups, some running, pushups (they love getting us to do pushups, unfortunately I suck at them!), and then they divided us up into two teams. The aim was for the teams to line up, then the first person would sprint up to a cone, touch the ground and then sprint back, then the next person would do the same.

First sprint I did, hunky dory, even beat the person on the other team. Second sprint (which also became my last), not so good. I was sprinting back for the line, when I started to lose my balance. For a while I did that really uncoordinated attempt to keep running, trying to get balance back, then degenerated into pin wheeling my arms (such a good look), followed shortly thereafter by a splat as I hit the deck. Apparently it was quite a spectacular stack to watch. Unfortunately the splat was my knee connecting with a rock (I believe it was the only rock on the field, and I managed to find it!). OUCH! Not wanting to look like a complete wuss I launched to my feet again and made it back to the line.

Instructors made their way over to me pretty quickly, and I rolled up my tracky dacks to examine the damage, thinking at most there'd be a little graze. To my horror there was a lump sticking about an inch out from my knee. The instructors got me to sit out for ten minutes or so, with a chilled water bottle against my knee. The swelling subsided somewhat, and I continued on for the rest of the class. However, the instructors said I'd better get it checked out, just in case I'd done some serious damage. So off to the physio I went. Luckily I hadn't done any tendon or ligament damage, but the swelling had managed to push my kneecap up a bit. I was forbidden to go to Boot camp for the rest of the week, and had to keep my leg elevated as much as possible, and ice my knee a lot. I had to do that for three days. Interesting at work having to sit side on to the desk, with my pants leg shoved up so I could put ice on. Very professional looking.

Anyways, I now have a nice bruise, but I'm back into Boot Camp, all aok.

Let's hope I manage to get through the rest injury free. To add insult to injury (he he), you pay up front for the whole four weeks of the course, no refund if you miss any.

As long as I get fit and lose weight doing this, it will be worthwhile. That's what I tell myself. And I must admit, it is kinda fun, and nicer exercising outside rather than in the gym.


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