Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Thunderstorm weather

I meant to mow the lawn when I got home from work today.. honest I did! Unfortunately a big storm came through, so now it is all sodden, can't mow. I'll bear up under the disappointment of course, I am a super trooper! ;)

Boy, the storm came in quick though. When I left work, the clouds had come in, and it was very still and hot. Uh oh, I thought, "There's a storm coming Ani!" (sorry, Star Wars quote, nerd alert!)

By the time I got in towards Castle Hill, I could see big thick clouds swirling around. As I drove into the shops a couple of fat drops started to fall. I was only in the shops for about ten minutes, but when I got back to my car, the guy who had just pulled up next to me warned me that there were sizable hailstones falling. I am nothing if not brave (or stupid), so I decided to drive home. Pah! Hailstones, nup! None to be seen. However it looked like quite a storm had been going on while I was shopping, the drains were overflowing water, and bits of trees were strewn across the road.

As I sit here now, the rain has eased off mostly, but I can hear rumblings of thunder in the distance, along with the sound of sirens, multiple sirens.

Update: it has just started pouring again, geez we've had some rain and storms lately.
Update 2: and now it is sunny again, all within half an hour this was!
Oh, and raining again, five minutes later, but still sunny, go figure. I'll stop with the updates now :)


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