Tuesday, March 29, 2005

How very sad

Paul Hester, drummer of Crowded House, killed himself on the weekend. Apparently he hung himself from a tree at a park near his home.

Crowded House were so popular here, so well loved. Paul always seemed happy and was very entertaining.

Apparently he suffered from depression and had recently broken up with his girlfriend. I have no idea of the scale of suffering he must have had to do this to himself, considering that he has two daughters.

I am sad for him, but I am even more sad for his daughters. What a loss.


Anonymous DaFFy said...

Isn't it dreadful? As a diehard Enz and Crowded House fan, I feel quite shocked and devasvated. But imagine his poor, poor family :(

9:52 pm  
Anonymous Melody said...

It has taken a few days to sink in, but I still can't believe it. Being just a few suburbs away from Elwood it is hard to believe that he died in that park. That park! That park where I had a friend play weekly cricket there. That park where another friend used to skateboard. That park I have driven passed so many times. Everytime I drive down Beach Road I always think of Paul when I see the banner for 'The Beach House Cafe'. Now I will always have to think of him being dead. Such a shame. Such a waste.

(Thanks for dropping by my site too BTW)

6:31 pm  
Blogger Amanda said...

It is terrible. I can't believe how sad this has made me, I get sad each time I hear a Crowded House song now. :(

Melody, that must be so hard to drive past that park, it is just wrong that he is gone.

It must have taken an enormous amount of courage for the Finn brothers and Nick Seymour to play those concerts this week, if we are sad, how sad must they be?

(no worries for dropping in on your site Melody, I look forward to learning more "facts" ;) )

9:25 am  

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