Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Stranger in a strange land

Let me just say from the outset, I have never been a girly girl. Growing up, I liked to climb trees, ride my skateboard (one of those old skinny numbers with dodgy wheels!), and play street cricket. I did own a couple of dolls, but I was never particularly sure what I was supposed to do with them.

Anyways, I've just been invited to a baby shower. This is the second one I've been to this year. GAAAAHH!! Now, I'm all about supporting my friends/family, and wild horses couldn't make me not go. But geez, this is definitely a strange place to be in. The first thing you notice is the noise. 15 women in one room can get loud enought to burst eardrums, it is no wonder the guys clear out.

Also, I am at prime child bearing age, so you just know most of the women in the room either have babies already, or are pregnant. There are many tales of birth, babies, references to all things pink (or blue if it is a boy). Not that there is anything wrong with that at all. It is just I start to feel like a stranger in a strange land.

Anyway, I offered to help out, thinking I could bring some food or something (my forte), but I got an email back asking me if I knew any good games that weren't too weird. Ermmm... the games all tend to be a bit on the weird side at these things, so I am totally clueless.

If anyone can provide any suggestions, I am all ears.

Also, this is for a baby that has already been born, and we've done the whole pressy thing. The invite says not to bring anything, but I am thinking people will bring stuff anyway. What is the etiquette here, buy another pressy? Maybe flowers? ...hmmm I like the flowers idea, maybe I'll go with that.


Anonymous Sue said...

Hey Amanda, I had a baby shower prior to my daughter being born. Unfortunately you couldn't make it - but here are some ideas from then. My sister Geraldine bought a plain bonds singlet and got everyone to autograph it to have as a keepsake. We had a game of how well do you know the mother and it included personal questions, favourite colour, when was she married etc. It is difficult with the little man already being born as they generally have a game asking for everyone to guess their weight, height and date of birth etc. Maybe it could be changed to guess his weight, height, eye colour, hair colour when he is one and who he will most resemble. Everyone is given a blank little card to fill out and they then add their name and a personal message for the little man on the back of the card.

I can understand where you are coming from with reference to babies etc. being a relatively new mum but out of the workforce for just over a year I feel like a stranger in a strange place when everyone is talking about work and quite often I don't feel like being a stay at home mum is an occupation when it is. Just know that you may not be a mum but you are a great surrogate Aunt.

I will ask my sister about any other games as I know she ran out of time at my shower.

Baby shower gifts are generally small. You know what you could get that will get a cute comment or the like and is under $10 is at Coles Supermarket they have really cute basketball type sneakers in red or blue. They will get positive feedback or maybe buy something small for the mother to help make her feel slightly special like something from the body shop for the bath. Just some ideas. Unfortunately I can't make it as my niece is getting married on that day. I hope this is helpful.

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Blogger Amanda said...

Thank you very very much for that Sue, you are a good friend. :)

I'll pass on the game ideas to the lady that is running it.

Great idea for the pressy too.

Thanks again for all your kind words, hugs to you and yours,


1:53 pm  
Blogger sex scenes at starbucks said...

I too am uncomfortable at baby showers, despite having kids. The whole girly thing just isn't me.
I'd suggest no games and lots of good food, conversation, and wine? instead. After all, you have the baby to look at!

For the baby: diapers. For the mommy: a promise of a meal in the next week.

2:09 pm  
Blogger Caltechgirl said...

Another great gift (nearly free) (if you're willing and able...) is to give the new parents coupons (2 or 3) entitling them to call you up with reasonable notice and have a few hours break. Moms and Dads usually appreciate it, and all you need is some pretty paper (even wrapping paper works) and a ribbon to tie around it.

I do like the idea of the "autograph" singlet (or "onesie" as we call them here) That's such a nice keepsake, and far more useful than messages in a baby book....

Another thing that happens pretty often in the US if the baby is already born is that the shower is made into more of a celebration party, and it's more of a couples/family atmosphere and less of a hen party...

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