Thursday, March 31, 2005

Bit quiet here

I've been a bit quiet on the blogging front this week, I know.

No real reason, just a bit creatively dry at the moment.

Things that have made me sad this week:
  • Paul Hester
  • Terri Schiavo
  • Michael Jackson (I know innocent until proven guilty, but he certainly seems to have a history of people accusing him of this stuff!)
  • Mellie Helen going on hiatus, for reasons unknown (hope she is ok)

Things that have made me happy this week:
  • As always, my hubby (hello, my love)
  • My vege garden is going great, lebanese cucumbers are going nuts, as are the baby capsicums.
  • Spending time with friends on a picnic on the weekend.
  • Friend's little daughter holding my hand as we walked down a path at the picnic
  • Read a good book, "Across the Nightingale floor", by Lian Hearn


Anonymous DaFFy said...

Regarding Paul Hester...apparently the Finn Brothers concert was so emotional. They had Nick Seymour there as well. When they did a few CH songs (Don't Dream It's Over was one) there was a snare drum just sitting in between them, bathed in a blue light.
Apparently they have now canelled ther est of the tour to come home.

7:45 pm  
Anonymous Arn said...

Nice that you enjoyed Sunday, and the Little Gannet's handholding! We did too!

10:22 pm  

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