Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Work news

Well, work was certainly different in a crappy way today.

We found out that our team and a couple of other teams are being transitioned (consolidated is the word they used) to another location in a different state.

So basically, within the next couple of months, I have to find myself a new job. I've been in this one since Oct 2001, so it has come as quite a shock. I mean, sure the signs were on the wall in a way, no people getting replaced lately after they left, but to be told about it, and see it in black and white in a presentation really winded me. At one point I could feel tears coming, and I fiercely told myself "Keep it together, you are a grown adult for goodness sake, just keep it together!"

Apparently they are going to try to redeploy us, but we are fixed term hires, which means that if there are jobs going, the permanents will get first preference. Which is all fine and understandable from the business perspective, but I don't really know what likelihood there is of there being a job for me.

They did say I could move to this country town in this other state it is going to, (sorry to be vague or circumspect, I can't really give details away) and be given a permanent job, and they went on about how things are cheaper there, some people have even bought houses *gasp*!

Seeing as I have no desire to move from the house we have just spent the last couple of years organising and building, and also would not want to move away from friends and family, I won't be taking them up on the offer.

Time for a drink, I think.


Anonymous Sue said...

Dear Amanda,

What a day! Here's a toast to bigger and better things.

It does really stir you up hearing this sort of news. Even if you haven't been overly happy at a job, you still want to be the one that controls whether you stay or go. Maybe it is a sign that your life priorities are now able to change, and you can take greater charge.

When I went on maternity leave I had work lined up - commencing two months after the arrival of my daughter, unfortunately my department decided to restructure and my job disappeared. I was initially really upset and hurt, but I still keep in contact with a few old team members, and they will be friends for life. I know you also have similar relationships so take comfort in the many happy memories you have and the warmth of continued friendships.

8:45 pm  
Blogger Amanda said...

Thanks for that Sue, I really appreciate the warm wishes at this hard time. I am trying to stay positive and see it as a great opportunity

4:16 pm  

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