Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Ultrasound went well, all is fine. Hooray! What a relief.

I arrived a couple of minutes early, very nervous and a bit shaky. I didn't have to wait long, which was good. When I first walked into the examination room, the lady asked me my age. When I replied 32, she gave me a bit of a funny look. I thought for a sec that I hadn't understood what she said, as she had a bit of an Asian accent. So I repeated it, saying "my age? I'm 32". "Oh", she said, "you look much younger, I thought you were about 18". Have to say I felt pretty chuffed about that, not bad at all if someone thinks you look 14 years younger than you actually are! :)

The actual procedure didn't take long, and it wasn't as embarrassing as I thought it might be, the lady kept up a constant conversation. She was quick to say it was fine, but before I left she got it double checked with a doctor, who confirmed all aok. An hour and a half later I went and picked up the results, on the back it is sealed with a sticker saying it must only be opened by the referring doctor .... hmmm .... will have to see how well sealed it is, maybe I can pry it loose, take a look, then seal shut again :)


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