Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Slowly getting better

So I went to the physio for trip number two on Monday, and he wasn't super happy with how my knee was going. One of the ligaments was a bit loose he thought, and he wasn't sure if I'd done damage to my knee joint. So, he requested I go to my GP to take a look, and thought I'd probably have to get some scans done, at the least an xray.

I made sure I went and saw my doctor that very afternoon, didn't want to have to wait and worry that I'd done something major to myself. But, good news. The doc thinks I haven't done anything serious. He ruled out mensiscal damage (some discs that form part of the knee joint), by getting me to stand on my bad leg, and do a twisting motion. My knee didn't give way, and it didn't hurt, so that cleared that. Nice. He thinks that I've strained a ligament and that it should heal itself ok. Hooray! I go back in a week for another checkup.

In the meantime I am doing all the exercises that the physio recommeded, and I am starting to see a slight improvement, so I am now cautiously optimistic all will be ok. If all goes well, I should be back on the field running about in around three weeks time.

Thanks for everyone's kind wishes, much appreciated.

And hey, guess what? Tomorrow marks a year since I started this blogging caper! Time really does fly.


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