Thursday, February 03, 2005

Helpdesk quotes

Yes, I work on a Helpdesk. No, I am not completely mad yet. I support a bank in NZ, and sometimes, just sometimes, I wish our phones came complete with an electric shock device that could travel over the phone lines and shock the bejesus out of the person on the other end.

Me: I've reset your password to the word password, and that is all in lower case
Client: really, so I just type that in? Is that with any spaces?
Me: yes, just type that in, no spaces (spaces? huh?)
Client: it's not working
Me: what did you type in?
Client: passwordandthatisallinlowercase
Me: *sigh*

Client: Whenever I type a 0 on my laptop, I get a flashback
Me: (to self.... what, too many drugs again?)... a flashback?
Client: yeah a flashback.
Me: ok (think..think.. what could they mean).. oh, do you mean a backslash?
Client: Oh..yeah, that's what it is called. I'm not very technical you know.
Me: (oh really?)


Blogger DaFFy said...

You must be SO patient - I used to work for TEl$tra on the phones, man some people are thick :)

11:04 pm  
Blogger Amanda said...

I used to be patient, now I'm just irritated! :)
Seriously, it is amazing how many people have troubles typing in a password.

7:06 am  

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