Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Rugby League scandal... again

Well, three weeks out before the start of the NRL season, and once again there is a scandal. Last year it was the Canterbury Bulldogs, this year the Newcastle Knights.

How stupid do you have to be? Last year there was such a furore over the Bulldogs, and the players were left in no doubt that they have to treat women respectfully and they should act like responsible adults.

12 of these guys, drunk after pre season match celebrations, went back to their hotel at 3am in time for curfew. Once management left, they decided to head out and have some more fun. They apparently "rampaged" through a campus dorm at Bathurst University, breaking bikes, using fire extinguishers, banging on doors. And one of them, allegedly, decided to break into a room, straddle a young woman and shove his hands down her pants.
I don't care how drunk you are, that can never be a reasonable action.
I repeat, how stupid are these guys!?

As a rugby league fan, this leaves me shaking my head.
For the rookie who got sacked, I'm sure he does feel sorry. One promising career, down the toilet.


Anonymous DaFFy said...

"how stupid are these guys!?"

Ummm...they are rugby league players. I don't think brains are a pre requisite for that :)

3:37 pm  
Blogger Amanda said...

Yeah, fair call Daffy, but still, after they've been told to behave or else a billion times, you'd think that their solitary brain cell would get it!

4:05 pm  

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